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This page includes download links and documentation for the Flow Cytometry Verifier, a small expert system written in REALbasic that applies rules to CellQuest data files and creates a report for printing and signout.

Version d23 is compiled with REALbasic version 5.5.5 but has no other changes from version d22. Please check it to see whether the printing problems still exist. Comments and questions can be added to this page using the boxes at the bottom of the page.

Version d24 modifies printing so that if a control gate is not specified, or if no control rule is specified, the Control section of the report does not print.

Version d25 has the first two worksheet column headings changed from "Calculation Name" and "Note" to "Antigen" and "Usual Specificity," respectively, in the worksheet display, printout and export to CoPath.


Version 25

Mac OS 8-9: FCVd25.bin

Mac OSX: FCVd25-app.zip

Windows: FCVd25-exe.zip

Source: FCVd25-source.zip

Version 24

Mac OS 8-9: FCVd24.bin

Mac OSX: FCVd24x.dmg

Windows: FCVd24.exe.zip

Source: FC Output Verifier v24.rb

Version 23

Mac OS 8-9: FCVd23.bin

Mac OSX: FCVd23.dmg

Windows: FCVd23.exe.zip

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