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This is the home page of Jim Harrison's experimental collaboration server in the Division of Biomedical Informatics of the Department of Public Health Sciences at the University of Virginia. For more information on the server and its software, visit ThisServer. WikiWikiWeb novices should read HelpForBeginners. Managers may log in to the server management interface.

Collaboration and Education Resources


  • CiteInPages, Applescripts for BibDesk to format in-text citations and create bibliographies in Apple's Pages word processor
  • TaskPaperScripts, simple Applescripts for the TaskPaper task management application
  • OmniFocusScripts, Applescripts for creating and opening project folders and notes with OmniFocus
  • Comments on using Mori for GTD: MoriGTD
  • Labscanner software documentation and download
  • Flow cytometry software development and download
  • Magic Markup, a simple text annotation utility; documentation and download
  • TestStatsReader, a simple program to generate summaries from test volume reports
  • TaTomatic, a simple python program for calculating turnaround time histograms from Sunquest LIS TAT reports




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