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From Bethesda to Charlottesville:
  1. I'd recommend coming west on I-66, taking the US29S exit 43A to Warrenton, and then following 29 down through Culpeper and Madison to Charlottesville. Your hotel is just off 29 as you're coming into Charlottesville from the north. Google Maps will give you good directions for this route from addresses in Bethesda to addresses in Charlottesville. I-66 through Fairfax can be tough, especially at bad times of day. Once you pass Warrenton, traffic isn't an issue. In directions from online services, if you see references to "James Madison Highway", "29th Infantry Division Memorial Highway", and "Seminole Trail" appearing after Warrenton, those are all names for US Highway 29 at different spots (sometimes at the same spot, actually). Don't get confused--you just stay on 29 the whole way.
  2. Your Hampton Inn is located about a block off of Hwy 29 and there isn't a sign right on 29. In addition, you can't turn left onto India Road from 29, so it's easy to miss and the directions from online services for this last little bit can be confusing. Here are some directions and a map to help out:

    As you're coming down 29 (Seminole Trail) from the north, approximately 5 miles after you pass Airport Road, you'll come to a light with Seminole Court leading off to the left (there is a street sign above the light). This is the main entrance to the Seminole Square shopping center, and there is a low brick sign on the left with "Seminole Square" in large letters. Just before the intersection on the left there is a "Cheeseburgers in Paradise." On the right side of 29 at the intersection there is a Northrop Grumman facility, which is a long, low brick building with a grassy field in front that contains a low Northrop Grumman sign (the sign might be a little past the intersection). Turn left into Seminole Court and then take the first right onto Zan Rd, pass the grocery store parking lot and take a left onto Line Rd (name not shown on the map above). The Hampton Inn will be on the right.
  3. For dinner, there is a Chili's in walking distance from the Hampton Inn. I mentioned Milan previously for Indian food, and it's approximately at the spot shown on the map. You might also want to consider the Wild Greens Cafe, which is pretty good American-style. It's located about half a mile into Charlottesville on Barracks Road (see the map above). It's easy to get to by continuing south on US29 (which turns into Emmet Street), under the US250 overpass, though two closely-spaced lights and turn right at the third light. Wild Greens is just up the street on the right. Also, the Barracks Road shopping center is across Barracks Road from Wild Greens and it has a Panera, Hot Cakes (a really good little catering place with great chicken salad, etc., where you can also eat in -- good for sandwiches), and a couple of chain restaurants. To return to the Hampton Inn, just go back up 29 and turn in at India Rd.

Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns about the trip, or anything else we can do to help. We're looking forward to meeting you.

Jim Harrison

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