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TATomatic is a Python program that reads Misys LIS turnaround time (TAT) reports and prints simple, character-based distribution graphs for the various turnaround times. It also automatically sorts data for specimens that exceed defined TAT limits by descending TAT and saves them to a tab-delimited file that opens in Excel. TATomatic can display TAT by shifts and has several options which are selected during program operation. The program runs on the command line, but provides a simple interface and built-in instructions. It requires Python to be installed and runs on any platform supported by Python (i.e., it runs on anything).

The new version of TATomatic takes into account the extra asterisk that sometimes appears after the order time in the TAT reports after the Misys upgrade. This should also be backward-compatible with old files.

Download the new TATomatic (Dec 2005) here: new-TATomatic.py

The older version of TATomatic (2003) is here: TATomatic.py

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