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This page contains several simple Applescripts for use with TaskPaper (version 2.2 or later). Basic directions are also contained in the script comments.

Managing project folders and notes files from the Scripts menu

TaskPaper is a really neat, streamlined task management program, but it is limited in its ability to handle links from its lists to local files and folders. These Applescripts help integrate TaskPaper documents with project folders and note files in the file system that contain supporting information about projects. The scripts open or create folders and notes files for projects and subprojects and in use they will incrementally build a folder hierarchy that matches the project hierarchy in a TaskPaper document.

The folder and notes opener file contains two simple scripts, Open Project Folder and Open Project Notes. The first opens a project folder with the same name as a TaskPaper project or subproject that contains the cursor or a selection, or has a subtask or subnote that contains the cursor or a selection. By default, project folders are located in a main projects folder in the Documents folder. If the project folder and/or the main projects folder don't exist, the script creates them with opportunities to cancel. Subproject folders are created in the folders of the projects or subprojects that contain them, creating as much of the folder hierarchy as necessary to accurately locate the new folder as its project/subproject exists in TaskPaper.

The second script opens a project notes file inside its project folder, with opportunities to create the project/subproject folder (and any containing project folders) and the notes file if they don't exist, or cancel. The name of the notes file is "• <name of project or subproject> notes.oo3" (the script is set to use OmniOutliner Pro as the notes editor, but that can be changed by briefly editing the script). The bullet at the start of the notes file name causes the file to sort to the top in Finder windows when sorting by file name, and it's consistent with some TaskPaper styles in which the notes are bulleted. These scripts seem to me to match the general approach of TaskPaper well.


Open Project Folder and Open Project Notes should be placed in the TaskPaper Scripts folder. Select or click in a TaskPaper project (or one of the project's tasks or notes) and choose either script from the TaskPaper Scripts menu. If the folder or file exists in the targeted location, it will be opened. If it doesn't exist, a dialog will ask if it should be created, with an option to cancel. If the project of interest is a subproject and any of the containing project hierarchy above it doesn't exist, including the main Projects folder, both scripts will offer to create the folder hierarchy with options to cancel. Note that tasks in a TaskPaper search result that does not show the project names (the -a search option) still yield the correct project folder and notes file when these scripts are run against them, which allows quick access to project information while working from a task list.


TaskPaper_folder_and_notes_opener.zip (15K zip file containing Open Project Folder and Open Project Notes)

These scripts are available for use, modification and redistribution without restriction.

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