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Test Stats Reader is a simple program that reads and displays lab test volume statistics from daily/hourly test volume reports. It also allows saving the summary and raw data in a tab-delimited format that can be opened in Excel. A Windows version is available for download below. Mac OS 9 and X versions are also available.

To use the program, start it up in the usual way and then use the "Open" button to find and open the statistics file. The hourly data displays on the right and the left side shows a daily and an overall summary for orders, tests, specimens and results. Save to an Excel tab-delimited file using the button at the lower right.

Download: Test_Stat_Reader.zip (v. 1.01, 540K zip file)

Version 1.01 fixes a bug where multiple data files opened in one session would interfere with each other. Old data is now erased from the display window when a new file is loaded.

Test statistics files:

test_stats_04-1-26.txt (76K)

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