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Collaboration topics

Face-To-Face Meeting

Best Practices SIG charter

The Best Practices SIG is focused on identifying, promoting and communicating effective practices for building caBIG-compatible software. The goals of the group are four-fold:

  1. Explore and document current software development practices at national cancer centers.
  2. Document a set of minimal requirements for building caBIG-compatible software, including the selection and implementation of data, communication, design and software development standards; software documentation content and practices; and software testing and evaluation.
  3. Create an online resource and community where developers and adopters can share and collaboratively develop technical ideas, reusable components, documentation and best practices.
  4. Support software development, implementation and evaluation workshops at national cancer centers to promote a shared culture of continuous software development and refinement.


Architecture Workspace teleconferences are the second Friday of each month, 1-3 pm EST

Best Practices SIG teleconferences are the second Tues of each month, 2-3 pm EST

Architecture Face-to-face meeting, March 17-18, Seattle WA

caBIG Annual Meeting, April 12-13, 2005, Washington DC

Best Practices documents

Documents under review


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