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XML Document Management :: Temporal Abstraction and Data Mining
Data Presentation and Decision Support :: Clinical Laboratory Informatics Applications

The Development Group meets weekly on Mondays from 9 - 11 am in Room 308 of the Shadyside Cancer Pavilion. Bagels and coffee are provided. Group members include Tony Gigliotti, Jim Harrison, Valerie Monaco, Andrew Post, Gilan Saadawi and Joel Young.

Project Pages

  • ProTempa; temporal pattern detection in clinical data
  • StandardDocuments; an XML format for clinical laboratory procedure manuals and other documents in pathology practice
  • LabMedWeb; Internet and intranet resources for the clinical laboratory
  • PatientPatterns; an application of the ProTempa engine to identifying patients for clinical laboratory follow-up
  • SpinServer ; sharing de-identified pathology data
  • caBIG Architecture Workgroup
  • CollaborationServers?; for example, this one

Available software

  • Labscanner software, simple temporal pattern detection in clinical laboratory data; documentation and download
  • Flow cytometry software, rules-based internal cross-checking and run verification tool; development and download
  • Magic Markup, a simple text annotation utility; documentation and download

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